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When I was asked to chat about managing a complex print project such as open enrollment, I immediately down-played the concept because well, to tell the truth, it just seemed too daunting! Similar to planning a delicious dinner party (close friends know how I love to cook), as much as we enjoy the end result when everything comes together seamlessly, the effort that goes in to making that dinner a success is detailed and complex—but so worth it!

It is well known that Hartford Media excels at customer service and managing complex print projects. How do we do it? It takes a LOT (30 to 40 hours is not uncommon for some of the more complicated projects) of up-front time before the job ever begins to analyze each and every print piece, how each fit together as part of the overall employee print campaign, the details of copy availability, design, approval process, and etc., the timing of when each piece is released to us to begin the layout process, and ultimately when all pieces must be received by the employees.

Open Enrollment is extremely stressful for the HR professional—and our goal is to remove this intricate and complicated strategic element off her/his plate—positioning ourselves as an extension of their staff, a true supportive partner. Every proof is logged and tracked. Every proof not returned is noted and the schedule adjusted accordingly. Paper is ordered and ready before the final blueline proof is approved to print. The details have details!

Although we plan and strategize there are always unforeseen complications and challenges that arise with any complex project—that's life, right? And so, it is through daily morning production meetings that all print products are reviewed and updated, and production schedules modified accordingly, in order to ensure that mail or ship dates are always met!

Proper planning and management WILL ensure your next big print project is successful, guaranteed! Now, about that hollandaise sauce . . .