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Our client is a major financial institution with locations throughout the country. They average almost 200 new hires each month and most are benefit-eligible. Employees are eligible for benefits once they reach 90 days with the company and a personalized “kit” of enrollment materials is generated and sent to each eligible employee in advance of the eligibility date.

The kit contains a personalized worksheet with sensitive information and hence data integrity is a concern. The worksheet also contains important deadline and date sensitive information that need to stand out.

Each kit needs to contain the worksheet, instructions, important plan notices required by law, beneficiary forms, and guides important to help employees make educated choices.

The kits also need to be organized, neat, and as easy to read as possible. Making important decisions on medical coverage and life insurance can be daunting enough without a poor quality package.

Timing is important; the personalized statement allows for approximately three weeks of review time before enrollment must take place.

Initially it would take our client an entire day to make the necessary copies and assemble the kits. Because of last minute kitting, copies of copies were sometimes used in packets reducing the quality level.

The client turned to Hartford Media, Inc. (HMI) who had always done such a great job on their Open Enrollment Fulfillment to see if they could offer a better solution.

Because HMI had already worked with the client’s IT department to develop a flat file that could be used to safely deliver the Open Enrollment files, it was determined that the same file format could be used each week to generate the enrollment form.

HMI’s digital capabilities proved to be a great fit to produce the needed materials “on demand” in the quantities needed, updated when required, and at a dependable superior quality.

Ancillary items such as forms, envelopes, brochures, etc. could be stored in HMI’s facility and organized for maximum expediency by HMI’s experienced production team to be quickly staged as needed.

HMI now handles new hires on a weekly basis, receiving a secured file each week. The production crew produces a personalized kit for each new hire with all required components, often within 3 hours of receiving the data file. This speedy fulfillment better supports the client’s mailroom time frames resulting in an overall more efficient process.

The client can relax and be assured that each new hire is receiving a quality product that can be updated as needed. This has come in handy with all the new health care changes. Their staff is no longer dealing with the administrative issues, storage is not a problem, and new employees have the time and materials they need to make educated choices for themselves and family.

The process works so well they recently made the decision to have HMI also handle the next step of the process--the new hire and employee change event confirmation statements. This frees up more staff time for our client to attend to other more pressing job functions.